short Video Contest 2016

»Showcasing Community Solar Electrification Solutions«

Communication technologies are now connecting millions of people around the world. Each and one of us can make a difference by sharing our stories and proposing innovative solutions to issues of climate change and tackling poverty. This is why the »Solar for All« initiative decided to give one outstanding short video on the topic of "community solar electrification" in efforts for rural electrification in developing countries the chance to win a 2,000€ prize and be showcased to the expert jury of the »Solar for All« contest at the award ceremony in October 2016. This was intended to further raise political and economic awareness of the newly dynamic community solar electrification sector and encourage people of all ages to get involved in shaping our future.

Submissions answering some of the following questions were encouraged to apply:

  • What is/was the problem?
  • How does/did it affect you and/or your community?
  • Which solution do you suggest/was effectively applied?
  • What is your personal role in the change?
  • What kind of social impact do you expect from/have you achieved with your idea/project?

All submitted short videos were judged based on creativity as well as content. Applicants were not required to run a successful community solar electrification project in order to participate in this challenge, it was as much about creating innovative ideas and sharing your personal story as it was about finding effective solutions. Tarun Kalra from Boond Engineering, India submitted the winning short video.

The winner's video convinced by showcasing innovation, real world impact as well as a creative video presentation.Watch the video.